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Parinee I Tower in Mumbai | James Law Cybertecture

New Landmark for Mumbai Called Parinee I designed by James Law Cybertecture

Parinee I Tower will be located in the heart of Mumbai, facilitating a wide range of businesses, including the India movie industry. To accentuate the inspirational references, the building facades are installed with LED screens for film and graphic projections.

The concept of the building is derived from the movie industry, assuming a futuristic appearance and dominating the city skyline. The metallic folding wall design of the lobby is inspired by imaginative sci-fi movie setting. The red LED light fills the lobby with energy. This vigorous form floating above the office floors on the top is an auditorium and restaurant space dedicated to the celebrities. The flexibility of the space can cater for activities such as premieres and private party. The west facing facade of auditorium is installed with large glazing which offers the guests a chance to look at the breathtaking view of Mumbai.

Integration is an important factor in movie production and creative industries. The facade design of Parinee Tower is an integration of four different facade zones which offer diverse spatial experiences from both inside and outside. A unique combination of glazing, LED, louver and sky garden zones create a unique and iconic building profile.


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  1. ikpe okafor says

    This is stimulating and engaging-it will instill a freshness and renewed social and commercial activity in it's immediate environment-KUDOS!

  2. Adarsha says

    Yeah… Unfortunately, i dont think the environment shown in the renderings are even close to Mumbai. They might not be from India as well.. Nevertheless, Nice experimentation. But frankly speaking it is too bold and excessively loud for the environment of Mumbai.

  3. shwetha says

    Not really impressed…..it lacks the soul which a landmark building for an iconic city should have…..I believe a sky scraper has to get utilitarian and scientific after a height rather than look like a decor by itself. ( I Like the Kingdom Tower -Smith and Gill)In an urban landscape its challenging to design to "blend" and as well be "unique".

  4. Prof S R. Agarwal says

    Such appoach require lots of imagination, conceptualization and experimentation, along with innovative detailing to make the spaces functional.However, for whom ?
    the humen being, a product of nature. do we get a feel of that nature in such spaces? A blending with nature shall add life to such dynamic structures.

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