A Palace For Nature in Doha, Qatar by Sanzpont [arquitectura]

A Palace For Nature


“A Palace For Nature”, 3rd place winner of an international restricted competition for a VIP Palace in Doha, Qatar.

sanzpont [arquitectura] evolves the concept of luxurious life into the luxury of creating life.


”An Oasis is a miracle of life in the desert.” sanzpont [arquitectura] has being awarded 3rd place in an international restricted competition for a VIP Palace in Qatar for its innovative and ecologic response to the project brief of this private residence: “The purpose of the competition was to stimulate innovative and creative ideas to create high end luxurious Palace to achieve relaxation and luxury for its VIP users.


” This Palace reinvents the simple idea of creating luxury into something meaningful, creating life and nature through a self-sustainable botanical oasis in the desert.



The microclimate needed for botanical species is created by a mist irrigation system located in the inner skin of the palace central dome. Water is obtained from an underground aquifer and sustainable desalinated by an electrodialysis system that is powered by solar renewable sources. Photovoltaic panels are integrated into the outer skin of the dome and building roofs, water is stored in the landscaping lakes featuring various thematic gardens and picnic areas.


“Architecture design should be integrated with its surrounding environment should reflect its culture in time, so we studied their historical typologies and architectural language to evolve it into innovative vanguard design plenty of cultural heritage.”


The heart of the palace is an oasis covered by a central dome, its unique design is inspired by the Sidra Tree, which is native to Qatar and is a symbol for perseverance, solidarity and determination.


Historically, this tree unifies people looking shade in the desert, meeting and talking bellow its spreading branches. These branches are symbolized with a leaf-shaped seating spaces hanging inside the Sidra Tree Dome, these seating spaces for calm and relaxation are called “Floating Majlis”. Traditional Qatari architecture is reinterpreted connecting their past with present and future.


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Project Info:
Project:  a VIP Palace competition
Location: Qatar.
Status: Idea.
Project & Design Team:  sanzpont [arquitectura] /Arq. Sergio Sanz Pont, Arq. Victor Sanz Pont, Arq. Tania Cota, Jose Miguel Cano.