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NY Parametric Doghouse

NY Parametric Doghouse 01

NY Parametric Doghouse is a creative design by KPF to spoil your pet

NY Parametric Doghouse is a collaboration between three architects to design a pet house and inspired from their experience in architectural work for an animal medical center ceremony in New York City.

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NY Parametric Doghouse of One Jackson Square which designed by Trent Tesch and Bill Pedersen of KPF was jointly sponsored by Hines, KPF and Situ Fabrication for a charity event held by The Animal Medical Center in  New York.  The doubly curved form of the NY Parametric Doghouse is made of 57 layers of 1/2″ thick Baltic birch plywood cut into 1″ wide pieces.  The pieces are then laminated together with the aid of alignment dowels, resulting in a rigid classy den.

NY Parametric Doghouse 04

Tesch and Pedersen inspired their vision from the design of one of their building projects, One Jackson Square, a condominium at 122 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich Village, which has what Tesch calls an “undulating” wall in the lobby. They were also inspired by their own dogs (Trent has a chocolate lab, Bella, and Pedersen has a boxer, Pom-pom).

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KPF said “It can be set on an urban terrace, in a backyard, or even in a living room, the NY Parametric Doghouse offers a fresh take on canine quarters.  Designed for the city dog, the country dog, and the spoiled dog, the organic form cradles the curled up canine in slumber, while the grassy-eco-friendly-rooftop fulfills every dog’s dream of a perch with a panoramic view”.

NY Parametric Doghouse 07

NY Parametric Doghouse fabricated by SITU Studio on a Rhino surface model provided by KPF and developed by GH definition to facilitate fabrication.  The definition was used to slice the model into horizontal layers as well as to create staggered vertical seams within each layer to produce a more efficient nesting layout.  The GH definition also generated positions for the alignment dowels, numbered each piece, and laid them out onto 4′ x 8′ cutsheets.  The cutsheets were then CNC routed, assembled and finished within a week.

Project info:

Architects: William Pedersen and Trent Tesch, KPF
Location: New York, NY, US
Area: 20 Square foot
Fabrication Consultant: Situ Studio Fabrication
Sponsors: Hines/One Jackson Square, KPF, and Situ Studio