A New Innovative Architecture school “Confluence Institute”

Confluence Institute


Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture.

Odile Decq with  Philippe BarrièreMatteo Cainer, Sony Devabhaktuni,and Jean Christophe-Quinton are founding a new Architecture school which is Alternative, collaborative, international, a place for innovation!

The school is called: Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture.

The Confluence is a new institution for architectural education and research based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation and trans-disciplinarity.  It will bring together “Architects, critics, artists, thinkers, philosophers, film-makers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers” in order to develop an architecture that develops ideas unconstrained by “stylistic prejudice or ideology.” International and independent, the Confluence is located in the heart of Europe in Lyon, France.

The Confluence: an educational approach that is open, alternative, collaborative and innovative.
The Confluence proposes:

  • To construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the intersection of disciplines,
  • To cross prospective and experimental visions,
  • To create an appetite for engagement,
  • To generate unforeseen alternatives,
  • To resist the uniformity of production and imposed standards,
  • To question and go beyond the implicit limits of architecture in order to create unimaginable opportunities.

Anchored in the economy of the world, the Confluence is a site of synergies, a site of hybridization. Architects, critics, artists, thinkers, philosophers, film-makers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers work together to share knowledge and discoveries. Without stylistic prejudice or ideology, a diversity of cultures, knowledge and practices makes it possible to develop ideas and projects in order to imagine all that is possible.

Intuition, analysis, confrontation, reaction, beginnings, destabilization, emulation, convergence – the Confluence.

Odile Decq– Architect Urbanist, Paris
Philippe Barrière– Architect Teacher, Quebec
Matteo Cainer– Architect Curator, Paris/London
Sony Devabhaktuni– Architect Researcher, Paris /Lausanne
Jean Christophe-Quinton– Architect Teacher, Paris

Confluence Founders
from Left to right:
Philippe Barrière, Sony Devabhaktuni, Odile Decq, Jean Christophe-Quinton, Matteo Cainer

Advisory Board:
Hitoshi Abe, Beatriz Colomina, Sir Peter Cook, Cynthia Davidson, Peter Eisenman, Kristin Feireiss, Anna Heringer , Dominique Hervieu, Francine M.J. Houben , Sarah Ichioka, Irina Korobina, Anupama Kundoo, Xiangning Li, Kent Martinussen, Eric Owen Moss , Antoine Picon, Monica Ponce de Leon , Jacques Sautereau, Aaron Sprecher, Kazuo Sejima, Carin Smuts, Benedetta Tagliabue, Georges Teyssot, Martha Thorne, Sarah Whiting.

The curriculum at Confluence will be organized around five thematic fields – Neuroscience, New technologies, Social Action, Visual Art, and Physics – taught in transversal and non-hierarchical ways. Teaching is structured around contemporary questions that respond to social concerns; students are given the autonomy to construct their own research programs based upon their interests/preoccupations.


Post – Master Odile Decq
-Towards the Horizon- Prospective research for envisioning future-human ways of living and architecture’s role tomorrow.

Post- Master Peter Cook
-Enjoy the enthusiasm of Peter Cook’s teaching- Life, Style and the city…meaning: ideas- things- your take on the future.


Studio – Philippe Barrière
– Information technology- A new paradigm shift to rethink planning and architecture. ‘Impossibilities in question or the questioning of possibilities’.

Studio – Matteo Cainer
-Protesi- Redefining Urban Dysfunctions: Recovering, connecting and implementing new hybrid and experimental environments.

Studio –  Jean-Christophe Quinton
– Non-permanent architecture: a seasonal, evolving design.


Thinking Architecture through Drawings and Models
Between Art and Architecture
Society and the City
Mapping Landforms: A Geography of the City
Critical History of Architectural Theory
Material Imagination, Desire and Innovation in Architecture
Thinking through Making
Exploring Structural Systems
Construction Management
Philosophical Investigations in Architecture
Narrating Architecture
Urban Strategies for Living Together
Imaging architecture and visual Culture
Digital Representation, Experimentation and Fabrication
Energy Design Strategies
Communication Strategies

Creative Maker Space
Aaron Sprecher-Director  McGill LIPHE Research Laboratory
An experimental environment with unique digital manufacturing technologies for architectural design.

Admissions are open now for the fall.
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