Irregular Hexagon Pattern for “Piece of Paradise” Bar

Irregular Hexagon Pattern

Studio Mode created a parametric interior design for “Piece of Paradise” Bar & Dinner using an Irregular Hexagon Pattern.

More from Studio Mode: This parametric interior design concept was created in relation to the distinctive shape of the space – Irregular Hexagon Pattern.

parametric interior design Irregular Hexagon Pattern-Piece of Paradise Bar 02

We set one of the room’s axes as dominant by opening a corner (two window displays) to the terrace, extending the space and giving it the desired proportion and connecting the interior with the exterior.

Piece of Paradise Bar 03

We mastered the disordered hexagon to achieve a regular one and applied a general mathematical correlation between all interior elements.

The keys to the task were structural combinatorics and work with the proportions and scale of a geometric shape.

A parametric interior design for “Piece of Paradise” Bar:


We introduced a combination of natural and warm on one hand and flawless, synthetic, and “cold” materials on the other hand to achieve the balance of needed sensations.

We created a strong, distinguished, and conceptual impression that adjusts and masters the space, acquiring design inspiration from nature — the honeycomb through the use of a simple geometric shape (equilateral triangle and the derivative regular hexagon). Furthermore, we differentiated the desired effects by changing scale.

In this project, we applied some of the insights from the work of the great architect Antoni Gaudí.