Espace Culturel de La Hague – Music center by Périphériques

A Parametric facade for the Music center “Cultural Space” Building in France designed by Périphériques

In Beaumont-Hague, France, Paris studio Périphériques Architects, has completed “Espace Culturel de La Hague”, a cultural space which is consist of a broadcasting diffusion hall, a music school and community associations’ rooms, a building with low energy consumption (BBC).

Espace Culturel de La Hague - Music center-01

Building a cultural space in Beaumont-Hague, in Cotentin, means to integrate an architectural project that takes benefits from the landscape qualities of this piece of peninsula.

A Triangular Perforated Metal Facade For Espace Culturel de La Hague

Périphériques Architects used red triangular perforated metal panels to create a sculptural facade that reflects the topography and contrasts the surrounding greenery.

Espace Culturel de La Hague - Music center-05

On the shore, sunken roads are planted of wooded hedges that protect from the wind and becomes vegetal vaults to filter the light over time. These landscape elements are secular forms from the site culture but also inspiring spaces that can be employed for the design.

Espace Culturel de La Hague - Music center-06

The cultural space is a compact block 43m large and 11m high. We appreciate the changing play of the facade, alternating presence and lightness.

This versatile building combines program, urban scale, music, and nature. Inside, sustainability and function are emphasized. We are « digging » a covered pathway enlarged on the West angle of the ground floor to mark the entrance of the building.

This alley is like a street, a real public space. A main circulation with a lobby as a point of distribution for all program elements. The music school nearby the diffusion hall allows artists and students to meet and play music together.

The diversity of programs is a will to provide shared moments between users. From the public space, associations activities are clearly readable to assert their influence.

Espace Culturel de La Hague – Slideshow:


Project Info:

Architects: Emmanuelle Marin+ David Trottin / PERIPHERIQUES ARCHITECTS
Project manager(s): Charlotte Lefebvre, Anne Clerget
Assistants: Julia Winding, Emilie Murphy, Alfredo Luvison, Anatole Jeannot, Thomas Dantec, Yann Peter, Alexandre Pascal, Mernoush Naraghi, Estelle Grange-Dubellé
Team: Technical engineer: Egis Bâtiment Centre-Ouest, Acoustics : Peutz & Associés, Scenography : Labeyrie & Associés, Graphic design : Franck Tallon, Images : L’Autre Image, Photographer : Sergio Grazia
Client: Joint local authority group of Hague
Program: A broadcasting diffusion hall, a music school and community associations’ rooms, a building with low energy consumption (BBC)
Area: 2560 m² SHON (net floor area)
Location: Rue des Tohagues, Beaumont-Hague (50)
Cost: 6,45 M € not including VAT (value 2010)
Calendar: Competition: August 2010, Handover : May 2015

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