“Fangda Business Headquarters” Winning Proposal by Huasen Architects

Fangda Business Headquarters

The winning proposal of the Fangda Business Headquarters competition designed by Huasen Architects (HSA).

Fangda Business Headquarters proposal, located in ShenzhenChina, reshapes the existing site into a 300,000 sqm vortex of retail, office, entertainment and recreation spaces, stemming off a high-tech research and technical development hub. Competition requirements called for the integration of a bus terminal predicated on government officials’ calculations that 55% of users would arrive by bus.

Fangda Business Headquarters Huasen Architects

Huasen Architects used this factor as a starting point, quite literally. The center of the complex becomes a spatial node, likened to the eye of a cyclone, from which four office towers of varying heights revolve from. The linear bands on the ground and podium levels seamlessly swirl into a regular pattern of vertical louvers, juxtaposing the playful curves of the commercial spaces with the “business-as-usual” character of the glass and aluminum-clad towers.

Fangda Business Headquarters Huasen Architects

Users traveling along Beihuan Road can catch unique perspectives of each tower as the vertical louvers recede and reappear on the glassy, aqueous exterior to shade unpleasant solar rays from distracting workers on the inside.

Fangda Business Headquarters Huasen Architects

Plazas, vegetated areas and water features integrate into the sweeping bands, creating a cohesive architectural entity that metaphorically blurs the horizon line between shopping and working. As the towers repel each other, the different layers that make up the central loop coalesce to form continuous spaces for shopping. HSA believes that this movement of shoppers, combined with the constant coming-and-going of commuters has the promise for a vibrant urban space for the city.


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