[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower Competition Winners

DUBAI Architecture School Tower

Winners Proposals Of DUBAI Architecture School Tower Competition

[AC-CA] Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of DUBAI Architecture School Tower Competition.

The aim of this International Competition is to design an Architecture School Tower in Dubai that offers an alternative environment for studying and traning to become an Architect within this global city.

A total of 204 proposals that were submitted from all over the world, [AC-CA] have been announced the Ten winners of the competition  Check out the ten winning entries below:



1st Prize was awared to:

  • Evan Shieh
  • Ali Chen
  • Country: United States
  • Team Type: Student
  • Registration Number: 0913070



2nd Prize was awared to:

  • Niculae Grama
  • Valentin Ionascu
  • Mihai Chisarau
  • Marius Pandele
  • Country: Romania
  • Team Type: Architect
  • Registration Number: 0914159



3rd Prize was awared to:

  • Kacper Radziszewski
  • Jakub Grabowski
  • Country: Poland
  • Team Type: Student
  • Registration Number: 0913931

Honorable Mentions Entries:


Jerome Chiarodo
Regis Maillet
Julien Gougeat
Laure Besson
Country: France
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0913713


Kyungsik Kim
Tengjia Liu
Kun Qian
Country: United States
Team Type: Student
Registration Number: 0915765


Jovan Kocic
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0914170


Ognjen Dzomba
Djordje Kuridza
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0913796


Filomena Visone
Adrian Eugen Cornea
Country: Italy
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0916113


Marta Komorowska
Bartosz Koszalka
Country: Poland
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0914006


Atelier du Pont
Country: France
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0915848


1st Place: 0913070
This proposal presented a clear and high degree of understanding in relation to the Competition brief by providing a well designed tower comfortably supporting the Program set within it. The presentation is clear with well controlled night view.

The iconic shape of the tower as well as the choice of tower implantation appealed to the judging panel. Addressing the wider urban issue of mass movement and transportation with the use of a seamless connecting bridge to the Dubai metro is impressive and expresses the importance of the school being connected to the reality of the city.

It is also interesting that the proposal chose to distribute the professional practice zones within the entire tower to create a sense of a permanent connection with the study of Architecture. This is a tower that is realistic, feasible, blends well and integrates with the chosen site.

2nd Place: 0914159
The proposal presents a nice interpretation of periscope idea a simple  form by expressing  the importance of the  need  for  students  to  observe as  part  of  the learning and  training  process. This  very idea is  then  pushed further with each tower being designated  for a specific academic year of study giving a “structured guide” to the students in the different academic year of study as they will be clearly able to cross observe each other. It can be seen as a problem in term of lack of inter]connection and exchange, however the project redeems this with the connection at the base and the top within the “Social Zone”.

They can also use the different horizontal links between towers if necessary. The Jury like this project for the strong image it represent and deserved to be on the top3.

3rd Place: 0913931
The re]use of unfinished towers from the 2008 recession as basis for the new Architecture School Tower gives proposal a real sensibility in terms of the need for an ecological approach ] A proposal that manages to re]think the original building with such elegant simplicity in adding elements to it.

The  tower  may  not  stand  as  an  icon,  strong  on  the  idea  and  concept.  This  very  ideology  is  one  that  young architects will have to pay more attention to and will be ever necessary in proposals of the future.!