Comfortable Cocoon Armchair for Public Spaces, Offices and Airports

Cocoon Armchair projected as a place for a solitude, reflections, rest.

Cocoon ArmChair created by designer Tompson Tompson from Moscow, Cocoon chair is intended as for public interiors, offices, the airports, and for the inhabited. At the airports often there is a problem where to wait the cancelled flight, such furniture zones solve this question. In an armchair it is possible to sit having lowered feet and having enclosed under a back a pillow and as to hide there entirely for a full solitude, having covered with ears.

The Cocoon Armchair skeleton is executed from the granulated structure that gives flexibility to an armchair and at the same time holds it. The armchair upholstery can be various from a wattled tree to a velvet.

Comfortable Cocoon Armchair
Comfortable Cocoon ArmchairComfortable Cocoon Armchair
Comfortable Cocoon Armchair
Comfortable Cocoon Armchair
Comfortable Cocoon Armchair

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