Casablanca Bombing Rooms Competition Winners

Casablanca Bombing Rooms

The winners of BEE BREEDERSs latest architecture competition Casablanca Bombing Rooms , have been announced!

Rooted in a context of tragedy, the Casablanca Bombing Rooms seek to bring together the local community for collective gathering, learning, and cultural exchange in the quest for peace. As such, the library / exhibition space / cultural center is tasked with raising awareness as well as fulfilling its role as a social destination in Casablanca. The diverse program calls for a variety of spaces, ranging from dark to light, solitary to collective, and passive versus active. Given the range of demands, the judges placed particular focus on proposals that wove together each of these constraints in a clear and concise manner, while also honoring the memory of the nearby bombing.

Each entry was evaluated on a number of criteria, including but not limited to: strength and clarity of concept, originality, quality of presentation, appropriateness to context, and most importantly, its strength as a public community center capable of raising awareness against violence and encouraging group involvement. The research exhibited in these competition entries is not only applicable to this site, but also addresses the larger question of how to promote non-violence in the wake of tragic events around the world.


  • Project Authors: William Song Yuan, Rachel Hurst
  • Country: Australia

Casablanca Bombing Rooms Competition Winner-1-1


  • Project Authors: Iryna Safonova, Laurène Mousnier
  • Country: China

Casablanca Bombing Rooms Competition Winner-2-1


  • Project Authors: Rina Chinen
  • Country: Japan

Casablanca Bombing Rooms Competition Winner-3-1


Project Authors: Ahaladini Sridharan, Gurjit Singh Matharoo, Ahaladini Sridharan, Karsimran Singh.

Project Authors: Liviu Vlad Moraru; Aina Constantin; Loana Aron

Project Authors: Win Rojanastien; Win Rojanastien

Project Authors: Naiji Jiao; Seven(Xiru) Chen; Louis(Yi) Liu

Project Authors: Lahbib El Moumni; Imad Dahmani; Fatim Zahra Benhamza


Project Authors: Andrey Ukolov; Ekaterina Osipova