Bodice Rocker Chair | Splinter Works

Bodice Rocker

Sculptural piece and a comfortable chair at the same time designed by Splinter Works.

Born out of a love for curvy silhouettes and illusion, the Bodice Rocker is a unique object that offers a number of fresh perspectives.

Poised vertically it takes on an anthropomorphic sculptural form; while some viewers may perceive a bust, or derrière, others might see an arched foot among the suggestive curvaceous forms.

Shown in brilliant white vele leather with white stitching, Customise with your choice of colours and materials, L190cm x W70cm x H95cm, Custom sizes and shapes possible.

With a light touch, it gently rocks back and pauses in mid-air, as if weightless, inciting a double-take by seeming to defy the pull of gravity. In this position it reveals the more familiar profile of a chaise longue, albeit levitating! With a second nudge it draws to the ground where you can sit and stretch out comfortably on soft padded leather.

Like all Splinter Works pieces, the Bodice Rocker can be tailored to clients’ requirements. The rocker can be modified for a more ergonomic fit to accommodate a taller or smaller person, and scaled appropriately to suit different room sizes. It is pictured here in ‘brilliant white’ leather, but naturally we can select another beautiful material out of a wide range of leathers and fabrics, or highlight the hand-stitching in a contrasting coloured thread.

Project © Splinter Works