Balance Chair by Diego Otero

Balance Chair

Balance Chair is a meditation furniture piece designed by Diego Otero

Balance Chair is a support for practicing meditation that uses the body’s equilibrium as a way to gain concentration by engaging all senses.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 01
balance chair by diego otero

The goal is to keep a steady position, helping to achieve self-control, relaxation and a fast learning curve.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 02

It is made from a rotational molded shell with a friction fit bottom cap, making it easy to fill with sand in order to control weight and stability and enabling different levels of difficulty.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 03

As an optional accessory it has a support mount for daily use, which serves as a table while meditation takes place. Additionally, it has an interchangeable cushion that comes in different colors allowing customization.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 04

Its fulcrum is properly placed to ensure a straight and comfortable position during the meditation routine.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 05

Meditation involves all senses. Memories, thoughts and perceptions concentrated in one place… you!. According to studies, this practice helps with mind balance, relaxation, stress release and getting away from our wild digital world. But shutting your mind off from distractions requires a lot of concentration.

Balance Chair Diego Otero 06