Architectural Parasite for an existing cafe in Moscow

Architectural Parasite

Mikhail Orlov + Andrey Adamovich: proposes a new architectural parasite for an existing cafe in Moscow.

Parametric curves for the Cafe interior design in Moscow revolves around the contrast between emerging and classic interior design. The new part deforms and mergers traditional space of the cafe creating new conditions and spaces.

Architectural Parasite cafe 01

The existing interior tissue is being inflected in the center space by an emerging structure which develops and distributes itself in the available space. The remains of the parasitized space resist this process by mixing two different sensations thus creating a new one. This ongoing process perfectly describes how the geometry performs the role of a parasite.

Architectural Parasite cafe 02

The counter, made of molded polished wood with black leather, represents the new cafe and serves as a centerpiece for the place. From the entrance point, it spreads around the room allowing for an agreeable arrangement of tables. On the left, bar stools rise elegantly from the counter to support natural body curves.The ceiling is a flexible shape epitomizing weightlessness and movement-branching elements fill the space and let the two styles fuse together. Merging with the classic interior parts, it forms drops of transparent plastic that create an organic feel and become a recognizable new feature.

Architectural Parasite cafe 03 Architectural Parasite cafe 04 Architectural Parasite cafe 05