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Torus Knot Table by Mark Meier

A parametric design for a torus knot table designed and fabricated by Mark Meier.... Based on the geometry of a torus knot, The Torus Knot Table is a study in CNC cut wood joinery and the desire to achieve a high degree of curvature in…

Ceramic Museum by Casanova + Hernandez Architects

Mosaic Park as symbol of cultural hybridization: The urban extension of Jinzhou, a city of three million inhabitants located less than 500 kilometres north-east of Beijing, has been articulated by the creation of a new large public park…

Wooden Dodecahedronic Chair | Hiroaki Suzuki

Wooden Dodecahedronic Chair designed by Japanese design student Hiroaki Suzuki. Suzuki has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. He designed his 'dodecahedronic chair' with these acute…

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