Alpha Project Winner in Qatar by XVSTUDIO

XVSTUDIO (Xavier Vilalta Studio) have won an international competition for a mixed-used development in Doha Qatar.

The ALPHA PROJECT´s is a completely self-reliant, innovative development. The project aims to sensitively capture the essence and culture of the city of Doha, with ancient design traditions forming the fundamental basis of the plan and modern building technologies used as a tool of expression. It is an independent Ecosystem that demonstrates a combination of advanced building design with a historical heritage.

The design is generated and molded by the surrounding environment, with which it works in harmony to take full advantage of the available natural resources. With passive design elements inspired by the vernacular architecture to provide stable conditions in the harsh climate and the energy harnessed from wind, water and sun as the primary energy sources, it becomes a sustainable development that combines the passive and the active systems.

The structure and planning of the scheme is efficient, advanced and sustainable. Connections made across the towers improve the accessibility and efficiency for users. The towers and bridges blend together to work as a whole and frame the core, public space. The towers and bridges work together to create a new typology of High Rise buildings.

The unique skin of the building is based on the ancient Arabic pattern of the GIRIH tiles, which is also used as the backbone of the planning. It defines and shades the semi-outdoor spaces throughout the interior of the building and extends outwards, strengthening the connection between the interior and exterior of the building. The exterior pergolas shade the pathways that wind through the landscaped gardens.

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