570 Bridge Porto: Herzog & de Meuron’s New Landmark in Porto

570 Bridge Porto Herzog & de Meuron's New Landmark in Porto

The proposed 570 Bridge Porto by Herzog & de Meuron is a striking architectural design that promises to be a new landmark for the Portuguese city.

The bridge will cut through and reflect the urban landscape, like a sharp blade, connecting Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia by crossing the Douro River. However, the bridge is not just a means of connectivity; it is a highly-connective platform that will also endow the city with a new and flexible social program rich in communal and leisurely activities.

The Herzog & de Meuron team chose a concrete volume wrapped in a reflective surface to increase its durability and emphasize its sharpness.

This design choice enables the bridge to reflect the sky, water, and blurred urban surroundings, changing its appearance depending on weather and time of the day. As the team explains, the bridge expresses a new city, new dynamics, and the changing way people use public space and move from one place to another.

The bridge will also accommodate a new urban plaza along the riverfront, where the main piers sit in place of a current gas station.

This pocket plaza will be adorned with lush vertical green walls and complemented by several freestanding trees punctuating the granite cobblestone. Furthermore, a thin reflective canopy suspended from the bridge piers will occupy the plaza’s center, mirroring the green enclosure and Douro waters while providing shading at the tram stop. When night falls, the roof will reflect all light sources, creating a captivating show for passersby.

On Porto’s side, a generous stair will connect up to the new Terraço Panorâmico, where a scenic view unfolds towards the historical center in the East and the ocean in the West. The platform could accommodate a Multipurpose Hall for public exhibitions and presentations of projects of the Architectural Faculty. Meanwhile, on the Vila Nova de Gaia side, the bridge offers a new, prominent pedestrian link between the Arrábida Shopping Mall and the riverfront.

The proposed stairs allow for a new pedestrian loop along the Douro River, to Dom Luís bridge and back, offering a new opportunity for runners or simply a pleasant Sunday walk. The design of the 570 Bridge Porto is not just a connection; it is a versatile platform that can host a range of communal and leisurely activities while reflecting the changing dynamics of the city. It is indeed an architectural marvel that will leave many people perplexed and bursting with excitement.

Project Details: 

Name570 Bridge Porto
ArchitectHerzog & de Meuron
Area6,150 m²
LocationPorto, Portugal