Pezio Sofa by Ventsislav Ivanov for ADORO Design


Pezio Sofa: Modern and colorful design of the sofa can accommodate two people designed by Ventsislav Ivanov for ADORO Design.

Pezio Sofa inspired by the shape of trapeze. Consist of two upholstered modules and metal leg.The drawer is for a blanket or magazines.

Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-02 Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-03 Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-04 Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-05 Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-06 Pezio-Sofa-Ventsislav-Ivanov-07

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