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Slashed Sofa by Charlotte Kingsworth

'Slashed' is a Sofa created by British designer Charlotte Kingsworth , The Slashed Sofa design appear like they have been slashed with a knife. A bold slash lengthways with a knife reveals the hidden layers inside. An eruption,…

Pezio Sofa by Ventsislav Ivanov for ADORO Design

Pezio Sofa: Modern and colorful design of the sofa can accommodate two people designed by Ventsislav Ivanov for ADORO Design. Pezio Sofa inspired by the shape of trapeze. Consist of two upholstered modules and metal leg.The drawer is for…

Cirrus Cloud Sofa by Lubo Majer for Dizajno

Cirrus is a Cloud Sofa Designed by Lubo Majer for Dizajno A Soft Cloud Sofa floating over the country and their gentle shapes became the main inspiration for the upholstered furniture CIRRUS. Virtually spontaneous composition of elements…

“To Gather” Sofa | Studio Lawrence

The modular sofa system by Studio Lawrence injects interaction with an angle. To Gather comprises individual tactile elements, designed to be pieced together creating endless seating combinations that can continually transform.

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