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World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing by Zaha Hadid + ADPI

Zaha Hadid and ADPI Unveil Plans for World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing.

ADPI and ZHA working together on Beijing New Airport Terminal Building – The world’s largest passenger terminal.

World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing-ZHA-ADPI-01

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) with airport specialist ADP Ingeniérie (ADPI) have completed the concept design for the world’s largest airport passenger terminal – the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building – in Daxing, Beijing, under the leadership of the Beijing New Airport Headquarters (BNAH), based on the bid-winning planning scheme by ADPI.

World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing-ZHA-ADPI-02

Following the 2011 international competition bid, in October 2014 the Beijing New Airport Headquarters created a Joint Design Team bringing together ADPI and Zaha Hadid Architects with competition consortium group members Buro Happold, Mott Macdonald and EC Harris to collaborate on the optimised concept design for the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building.

World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing-ZHA-ADPI-03

With Beijing’s existing Capital Airport already exceeding its planned capacity, the new airport will serve the world’s fastest growing aviation sector and enable further connections between Beijing and cultural, economic and civic centres around the globe. Initially accommodating 45 million passengers per year, the new terminal will be adaptable and sustainable, operating in many different configurations dependant on varying aircraft and passenger traffic throughout each day. With an integrated multi-modal transport centre featuring direct links to local and national rail services including the Gaotie high speed rail, the new Daxing airport will be a key hub within Beijing’s growing transport network and a catalyst for the region’s economic development, including the city of Tianjin and Hebei Province.

The Joint Design Team scheme integrates principles originally developed during the competition phase by ADPI and the Zaha Hadid Consortium Group respectively, which included Pascall+Watson, Buro Happold, Mott Macdonald and EC Harris. ZHA’s projects include some of the world’s most popular, user-focused and adaptable civic architecture that prioritises the public realm and user experience. This expertise, together with ADPI’s history and knowledge of airport planning and development, will ensure the new terminal at Daxing to be the world’s most convenient, sustainable and future-proof airport.

Following the completion of the concept design stage, the project is now being led by the Local Design Institute team under the continued leadership of BNAH.

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