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UTEC University Campus | XTe a+d

In a relatively small plot for the purpose intended, on the edge of a historic district on the coast of Lima, next to two heavily traveled highways of metropolitan scale, there is this collection of classrooms, workshops, laboratories,…

Figural Primitives | zifan LIU

Long concerned with the articulation of form by means of volume to mass, and way beyond a contemporary threshold of hyper articulation, the discipline seems to be at a critical juncture by having to choose between polar opposites: to…

Seashell Busan Opera House | OODA

Busan Opera House Competition Proposal Designed By Portuguese Firm OODA  Beautiful Seashell Shape for Opera House designed by OODA  in busan, south korea. The iconic building reminiscent of a seashell is positioned on the edge of the sea…

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