Seascraper “Artificial Island” /UAE by Alexander Krasinski

Artificial Island_Alexander Krasinski_02

New Seascraper “Artificial Island” designed by Architect Alexander Krasinski in the Persian Gulf,United Arab Emirates.

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Artificial Island_Alexander Krasinski_01

Design intentions
Ideas concept is to create artificial land and adequate infrastructure with a view to a large agglomeration of human existence.

Artificial Island_Alexander Krasinski_04

The concept of architecture is the answer in the light of the problems closely related to globalization and the human impact on the environment, as well as continuity in the perdition of human rights in connection with the growing process to create a global bank and corporate influence on the shaping of international law. In a nutshell: the rise of sea water and high taxes.

Artificial Island_Alexander Krasinski_05

The island can create a new state with its own government and economic policy.

Artificial Island_Alexander Krasinski_06

Technical data
– Island set in the scales of the ocean floor. Internal sea port with ocean-going vessels dock.
– Airport passenger handling helicopters. 100 m. above sea level. Garden, on one level the airport.
– The office space, administrative, governmental and academic centers. The highest 48 storeys: Luxury residential apartments.
– The inner atrium with the core of the function of the recreational and commercial services.
– Roof level as the airport, recreational pavilions, sports facilities and terraces Performing with the water park.
– The diameter of the island – 1000m. Height – 1000m
– The average height of the residential floors – 6m
– The area is level 107 – 19535.83 m2
– The area is level 125 – 24012.84 m2
– The area is the roof level of 144 – 82407m2
– The area for the top 48 floors – 1 411 222.6 m2
– Usable area of the island – 5 000 000 m2
– Maximum number of inhabitants on the island – 52,096 persons

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