Rosebud Orthodox Church | Sofia Borges and Danika Voorhees

Sofia Borges and Danika Voorhees designed this big Rosebud Orthodox Church and called it Ghostly Illumination

ThisOrganic shape,  Blobitecture Style, The Ghostly Illumination enhances the sensory potentials of the Orthodox church through the strategic alignment of spatial boundaries. Through a series of pulls and pinches, spaces that once maintained rigid edge conditions begin to erode. This spatial erosion provides for a more dynamic and engaged experience for the user as sight lines collapse and extend and programmatic hierarchy dissolves, allowing for wider range of opportunities to intermingle between the priests and their patrons.

Inspired by the meandering nature of traditional Orthodox services, Ghostly Illumination heightens the fluidity of the interior through increased spatial and visual connectivity. The dynamic surfaces of the church negotiate between abstraction and figure, channeling the Orthodox onion dome (or eternal flame) as a central yet illusory figure. Appearing in both interior and exterior surface conditions, the figure emerges, flickers, and fades in an ongoing dialogue between icon and the ephemeral.