Ponte Parodi by UNStudio


Ponte Parodi, Genoa, Italy designed by UNStudio


The Ponte Parodi project establishes a new city attractor based on the proliferation of experience. A three dimensional piazza located on the waterfront combines a variety of programs including a cruise terminal, wellness, cultural and leisure program, all of which bring liveliness to the old harbour. With its low-slung, undulating outlines the piazza provides a park with sport fields, beaches and other public functions while emphasizing the view of Genoa and its Alpine setting.


Project Info:

Client: ALTAREA Italia Progetti S.r.l.; (Competition) Porto Antico di Genova Spa
Architect: UNStudio
Program: Public attractor with a 3-dimensional Piazza and mixed use: cruise terminal, wellness experience, knowledge experience, commercial experience, public park with amphitheatre.
Gross floor surface: 76.000m²
Volume: 160.000 m³
Site: 36.000 m²

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