Look-Out: A Twisted Tower in Italy


Look-Out Tower 1

Look-Out Tower is 90% Wooden Twisted Tower for Bruneck City Municipality in Southtyrol, Italy. Designed by  Anton Pramstrahler, Alex Niederkofler.

The main goal of the design was to create a structure that integrates and correlates with the surrounding woodlands. Made out of  90% wood the tower should not only look like a wooden structure but also reflect nature in its form and composition.

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The organic structure results from a simple geometric shape based on several different parameters. The main parameters are „golden ratio“ and „linear structural elements“. A twisted design is achieved by only using linear wooden beams and girders on the outer facade which change angle at every two meters.

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By simply rotating the upper and lower hexagon against their directions and changing their sizes and angles it was possible to composite a shape that not only resembles the shape of a tree but also functions as such. Similar to a tree that uses its roots and trunk to provide the crown with nutritive substances the large lower part of the tower acts as an inviting entrance for visitors.

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Once inside the tower visitors can then experience several platforms located alongside the stairs providing places to rest and enjoy the view.

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The main platform located on top of the tower acts as a gathering point, a place to relax and enjoy an astonishing view across the whole valley in the middle of a’crown of trees in the surrounding woodland.

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