Phoenix Bamboo Concept Car | Kenneth Cobonpue

Green Concept Car By kenneth cobonpue and albercht birkner

Filipino designer kenneth cobonpue & german product designer albercht birkner explore the connections between technology and nature in the ‘phoenix’ bamboo concept car. In 10 days, craftsman and weavers handmade the automobile from bamboo, rattan, steel and nylon.

The form of the outer shell mimics the structure of a leaf, using a single spine similar to those found in vertebrae and plants. the exterior shell is woven starting at the front, proceeding to the rear, enveloping the interior which seamlessly forms the dashboards and seats as it continues backwards. The two parts are connected in the tail of the vehicle, creating the ‘stem’.

Phoenix does not only focus on the form, but also the idea of a car being heavy and industrial. The biodegradable materials challenge the notion of dense, long lasting materials in vehicular design. It looks at the option of inexpensively and ecologically replacing the shell if need be while maintaing the same inner construct. the proposal introduces nature and craftsmanship into automotive technology.