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A Parametric Linear City ‘Filaments and Fields’ by Syna

Linear City 01

A Parametric Linear City – Istanbul by Synarchitecture

This  Linear city proposal  investigates the generative possibilities of datascapes, Filaments and Fields – Istanbul, Linear City explores the morphogenetic potential of context driven system mapping whilst critically examining what form a linear may take in the age of parametricism.

The concept of a linear city has rich and ideologically varied history, from Miliutin’s master plan for Traktoskoi (1930), conceived as a prolongated factory, to Boutwell and Mitchell’s Continuous City (1969) which re-imagined the city a single programmatically enriched megastructure.

Filaments and Fields mediates between an emergent bottom-up approach to urban planning and the heroism which underlies the proposal for a new canal connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Through this dialectic the repertoire of parametric master-planning is broadened and new typologies emerge. Filaments and Fields continues the studio’s research agenda by anticipating future architectural challenges, charting formal solutions for yet to be articulated problems.

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