New Taipei City Museum of Art | OODA

New Taipei City Museum of Art Competition Proposal By Portuguese Firm OODA

OODA has received a merit award for their proposal for the ‘new taipei city museum of art international competition’ located in Taipei, Taiwan. the intention of the initiative was to produce a landmark building for the people of the urban center which pioneers an innovative design concept. this form consists of two hypercubes; a 90 degree angled cube suspended within a larger contorted volumetric box. visitors pass under the lifted and arched exterior to enter the museum through the centralized elevator core.

Description from OODA

The competition intention was to create a pioneering and innovative design concept which will stand as a new-age landmark and a symbolic voice to the world of Taipei City new spirit. The concept form proposed emerges from a big volumetric cube in confrontation with a smaller inner structure cube – hypercube – in which is applied a mathematical form that relates both. Then the big outer bisectrices clamp ( as structural element) and sucked the in between surfaces to a central point – hypercube as core. The main museum is positioned above and the Children Museum of Art is located below the sheltered square that is created under the main sculptural piece. The Museum of Art itself flows on a continuous ramp between the outer skin and the hyper core cube inside all the way to the top.

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