FAZ Outdoor Daybed by Ramon Esteve for VONDOM

faz outdoor daybed

Spanish Ramon Esteve designed the Faz Outdoor Daybed for VONDOM, The idea is to create a space in which one can relax in the open air, sunbathe, while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

The polygonal shapes which make up its form result in a furniture piece which references minerals found in nature such as crystallized quartz. produced by vondom, the portable pod has wheels making it easy to move and change orientation as needed, employs a hydraulic system which allows one to open and close it when not in use.

The structure features a light top translucent fabric utilizing batyline technology which acts as a sunshade and umbrella. the mobile unit is equipped with an outdoor sound system that works simply by connecting smartphone and bluetooth technology to the built-in speakers, so you can play your music or watch TV.

The design of FAZ Daybed gives one the opportunity to create a unique space, with the possibility of adding LED lighting activated by remote control so that it can be illuminated by night.