Biophilia Chair by Ross Lovegrove

Biophilia Chair


Biophilia Chair is An Organic Design Chair by Ross Lovegrove for VONDOM as a part of BIOPHILIA Collection

Biophilia Chair Collection explores a new design language that forms a dialogue between time, form and space combining the pioneering organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi, VONDOM expertise in advanced Roto-molded technology and my studios ongoing research into the transference of digital process into contemporary design.


This enrichment process places its origin at a time when discovery of nature , its wonder and the resulting diversity of forms beginning with Art Nouveaux , an enduringly beautiful and sensual movement in art that brought the organic World brought inanimate objects to life through the fluid organic minds of designers, artists , photographers and architects alike.


Taken out of craft and into the 21st century progressive domain of polymerization and industry BIOPHILIA is a collection, acknowledges this lineage but pushes the boundaries between material structure and form into a new modern territory as yet unseen, parametrically conceived and diametrically opposed to modernism in its expression.






Project Info:

Project: BIOPHILIA Collection
Designed by Ross Lovegrove for VONDOM