Central Bank of Iraq Headquarters Signboard | Zaha Hadid

zaha hadid central bank of iraq
Zaha Hadid Central Bank of Iraq Signboard
the first image of Zaha Hadid Central Bank of Iraq Signboard

Zaha Hadid’s “Central bank of Iraq” Project in Baghdad

Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) reveals the shape of its new Headquarters designed by the legendary Zaha Hadid. this project will be her first project for her native country (Iraq).

The New Zaha Hadid’s Headquarters for the Central Bank of Iraq will be in Jadriya, near Babylon Hotel, in the center of Baghdad. The construction of the new Central Bank headquarters in Baghdad represents a major step in the institutional development and modernization of the Central Bank of Iraq. At the Margins of the Tigris River, the building site connects to the ancestral civilizations and the foundations of Iraqi History, opening the prospect of a new chapter of re-emergence.

zaha hadid central bank of iraq
The first image of Central Bank of Iraq Signboard

The Central Bank of Iraq has engaged the Iraqi-born architect, the legendary Zaha Hadid. Her team includes some of the internationally well-known practices including DEWG, Davis Langdon, Adam Kara Taylor, and Max Fordham. The team led by Zaha Hadid Architects has already produced the initial study setting out client’s requirements and site utilization.

The building’s mission is to address the needs and requirements of the Central Bank, not only functional but also aesthetical and aspirational. Zaha Hadid’s visionary concept for the Central Bank of Iraq comes at a pivotal moment in the history of the country, and will, no doubt, create a new landmark that embodies and communicates the key value of the institution, such as Solidity, Stability, and Sustainability.

Hadid’s spokesman explained, “The new headquarters will enable the monetary authority of the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) to perform its continued role serving stability, development and economic growth in Iraq.”

We hope more Hadids (Steel) rise up in the country of Hadid!