[BUENOS AIRES] New Contemporary Art Museum Competition Winners

Winners Of Buenos Aires New Contemporary Art Museum Competition

[AC-CA] Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of Buenos Aires New Contemporary Art Museum Competition. The aim of this International Competition is to design a New Contemporary Art Museum in the Heart of Buenos Aires. The architecture of this new building should reflect contemporary design tendencies. The proposal must not only attend to the specific function but the design should also take into consideration the urban insertion and its impact.

A total of 225 proposals that were submitted from all over the world, [AC-CA] has been announced the Ten winners of the competition  Check out the ten winning entries below:

1st Winner:

1st Winner - Buenos Aires New Contemporary Art Museum

1st Prize was awarded to Shelby Ponce and Eduardo Ponce
Country: United States
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0412807

2nd Winner:

2nd Prize was awarded to Marco Podestá and Matías Pereira
Country: Uruguay
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0412044

3rd Winner:

3rd Prize was awarded to Omura Takuya and Aoyama Takahiro
Country: Japan
Team Type: Student
Registration Number: 0412215

Honorable Mentions Entries:

Team members: Nunziatina Carbone, Tomas Labanc, Luigi Arcadu, and Stefan Warnaar
Country: China
Team Type: Architect
Registration Number: 0414806

Team members: Benoît Chantelou, Thomas Landemaine, Nuno da Silva, and Louis Destombes
Country: France
Team Type: Architect/Student
Registration Number: 0412750

Team members:  Tim Erdmann, Lisa Biesenack
Country: Germany
Team Type:  Student
Registration Number: 0412499

Team members:  Xiaodi Yang, Wanyu He, and Yujun Yin
Country: China
Team Type:  Architect
Registration Number: 0412077

Team members:  Pauline Cabouret, Caroline Delolmo
Country: France
Team Type:  Architect
Registration Number: 0414276

Team members:  Matias Audano, Noelia Lazzarini, Roberta Argiolas, and Carlo San Just
Country: Argentina
Team Type:  Architect/Student
Registration Number: 0414601

Team members:  Ramin Shirdel, Ali Shirdel
Country: Iran
Team Type:  Architect
Registration Number: 0414692

The Jury for this International Competition was comprised of the following professionals:

Adeline Piel – Architect (French)
Constantinos Bouras – Architect/Urbanist/Lecturer(Greek)
Santiago Frias – Architect/Lecturer(Argentinian)