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Adela Erotic Chair Design | Bala Studio

Looking like quite a provocative piece of art on its own, the Bala Studio Adela Erotic Chair naturally has multiple uses.

Designed by Andres Amaya, this interactive recliner is an adapted model of its cousin the El Montao Chair.

Adela Erotic Chair Design by Bala Studio

The fiberglass form has been sculpted to accommodate two people, meeting ergonomic criteria for a number of different love-making positions. With cast characteristics that maximize support yet encourage comfort, the Balastudio Adela Erotic Chair has a cushy polyurethane seat made for sitting, however indirectly that activity may ensue.

Description from the designer: We are delighted to introduce the most recent piece of erotic furniture by Balastudio called Adela,this is a renewed and improved version of El Montao chair.  “Adela is not just a chair, but a sculpture to make love”

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