A Prism of Glass for Barack Obama Presidential Library Design in Chicago, USA

Barack Obama Presidential Library

The Barack Obama Presidential Library in Chicago, USA

Competition proposal by Manuel Caicoya

President Obama has been the voice for those who are never heard in the United States of America. President Obama has built bridges, repaired old relations, and brought a new American dream. With Barack Obama Presidential Library project, we want to transmit this new dream.

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Obama Presidential library building was designed as a prism of glass which creates visual connections for the city to the library and for the patrons inside the library looking at the Chicago skyline.

From every side the internal activities are visible to observers, during the day the flow of people inside the building will resemble the flow of cresting waves of the Chicago River, then at dusk, it will shine onto the Chicago skyline as the house of culture and inclusion.

Barack Obama started his career working with low-income communities of Chicago. To represent Obama’s dedication to assisting people in need we elevated the plaza; this gave us the opportunity to create a raised platform where people can come together and enjoy looking up the Chicago River. Below this Plaza we created a donation center to assist low-income families.

The Barack Obama Community Center was designed to be transparent to the public and to represent Chicago’s architecture. Connect the public with the Chicago River which Flows into Downtown Chicago. To give an insight of Presidents Barack Obama political career while providing aid assistance to those in need to the Chicago area and abroad.

Project Info:

Team leader: Manuel Caicoya
Team members: Matteo Vergano, Marcos Corbal, Joseph Thorne
All images courtesy of Manuel Caicoya.

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