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Zhongxun Times in China by 10 Design

Zhongxun Times designed by 10 Design in Chongqing, China This mixed use office and retail development sits centrally within the new Danzishi Central Head Quarters…


Taiwan Tower by Raymond PAN/HMC Architects

Taiwan Tower is an iconic new skyscraper for Taiwan. Led by HMC’s Raymond Pan, the team of HMC Architects and HOY Architects and Associates were among…


Michael Schumacher Tower in Abu Dhabi by LAVA

A Parametric Skyscraper named Michael Schumacher Tower, Also called Snowflake Tower in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Designed by LAVA. The Michael Schumacher Developed as a prototypical design…



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Torus Knot Table 02

Torus Knot Table by Mark Meier

A parametric design for a torus knot table designed and fabricated by Mark Meier…. Based on the geometry of a torus knot, The Torus Knot Table is…

TZAP's Lamps 02

TZAP Series of Lighting Fixtures by Haim Evgi

Israeli designer Haim Evgi, created a new TZAP series of lighting fixtures with minimalist design, that combine old carpenters technique with simple modern design. The…

Misko Lamp 06

Misko Lamp by HE design

MISKO Lamp is a combination of a table and lamp. Israeli studio HE design have created MISKO – a dual-purpose piece of furniture, which combines table…



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Digital Sculptures by Adam Martinakis

An amazing collection of a 3D digital sculptures by Greek and Poland-based artist, Adam Martinakis. About Adam Martinakis: Born in Lubań, Poland in 1972, his mother is Polish and…


Halloween Pumpkin Carvings | Ray Villafane

Wonderful sculptures designed for the Halloween season by Ray Villafane. Ray’s hobby of pumpkin sculpting was brought to an entirely new level in 2007 when…


Fashion Cinemagraphs | Jamie Beck + Kevin Burg

From New York the photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have created GIFs as part of their self-termed art form coined ‘cinemagraphs’. the work, often surrounding the world of…


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Bamboo Skyscraper-1st Winner

Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Competition Winners

Winners entries of Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Competition. SuperSkyScrapers has shared with us the results of Singapore Bamboo Competition. Bamboo Skyscraper Competition Objective: The objective of this competition is to…


[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower Competition Winners

Winners Proposals Of DUBAI Architecture School Tower Competition [AC-CA] Architectural Competition has shared with us the results of DUBAI Architecture School Tower Competition. The aim of this…