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Parametric Office Furniture by HWCD

Parametric Office Furniture consisting of two sculptural pieces: front desk and discussion table designed by HarmonyWorld Consulting & Design (HWCD) for their office in Shanghai, China. More Text From the designers: These two…

Connoisseur Gallery by Studio Twist

Connoisseur Gallery in Shanghai, China designed by Studio Twist We designed the Connoisseur Gallery to be an exhibition space for a wide range of art objects representing the epitome of luxury catering to the tastes of a nouveau riche…

Japanese Dining ”Kemuri Shanghai”

Photographer Company ©”Nacasa & Partners Inc.” New Japanese restaurant and bar in Shanghai,China,  designed by  Tomohiro Katsuki Masanori Kobayashi Reiji Kobayashi.  Photographer Company ©”Nacasa & Partners Inc.”…

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