Environment-friendly Tulipa street light works with wind power and store the energy for windless weathers. designed by Mebrure Oral.

Mathieu Lehanneur’s S.M.O.K.E. displayed by the Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery at thePavilion of Art & Design New York art fair.

As an exercise in parametric variation and control, CLOVE lamps were developed with nearly the entire process/work-flow defined within a single parametric model

Invented table lamp design by Veneridesign, It's look like a Small Nuclear explosion on table showing a mushroom cloud shape, seems to expand before your eyes

Cirrata lamp collection by Swedish designer Markus Johansson. The shape of the lamps are based on octopus and is created by heating Corian.

Black Diamond is a gorgeous 3D interactive mood lighting iPhone Dock. The free Black Diamond app on your iPhone, mounted in its dock, can deliver 5 different color schemes that will resurrect the semi-transparent black dome to blush with mesmerizing colors.

A collection of handmade products entirely made of cable-ties. With a lot of patience we’ll be rewarded with beautiful new structures, which can only emerge by fervent monkish work.

Flower Vases designed by nendo for this year’s Salone, an exhibition of three designs by three designers including Mathieu Lehanneur and nendo..

The Main idea of this concept is that this lamp is able to change its position due to construction and presence of heavy balls in the bottom.

Rubik's lamp is an innovative project based on the popular toy from the eighties. Much like the original Rubik's cube, the lamp is composed of 26 smaller cube-like pieces, whose interlocking shapes fit onto each other.