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The End of Sitting Installation by RAAAF

The End of Sitting is an installation at the crossroads of visual art, architecture, philosophy and empirical science. RAAAF and visual artist Barbara Visser have developed a concept wherein the chair and desk are no longer…

Sculpture Benches by Matthias Pliessnig

Sculpture Benches designed by Matthias Pliessnig  for two different projects, one in Boston, Massachusetts, the other in Beirut, Lebanon. Rawn Architects of Boston, MA and Harvard University worked with us on the design for two large…

Game of Space | Saburo Sugita Architects + Miso

This installation was created using "game of life" cellular automaton devised by john conway to represent the emergence of self-organizing systems. a cellular automaton is a discrete model that consists of a regular grid of cells and…

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