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T Lounge – Wooden Tea Selling Shop Interior by Studio pha

T Lounge is a Tea Selling Shop Interior using wooden lightweight structure located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Studio pha have designed T Lounge as a tea-selling shop – commercial unit no.7 in the historic Prague passage, at present called Broadway.

T Lounge interior 1

The default original space itself is quite narrow with ragged side walls around, but it has a wonderful central skylight – the round shaped glass vault.

T Lounge interior 2

For us this element determines the whole space orientation and hierarchy, so the interior concept is based on it´s fundamental and inspiring effect.

T Lounge interior 3

Newly embedded wooden structure follows this centerpiece and creates the new order, giving the logic and harmony to the room, and separating it from the background facilities.

T Lounge interior 5

The structure grid not only defines the new space morphology, but solves the original dissected walls as well as the electro sockets, HVAC and other technical elements by hiding it.

T Lounge interior 6

Wooden lightweight structure should evoke the symbolism of traditional tearooms and create acomfortable “zen” environment for tasting tea – the place for customers to enjoy the magic moment feelings.

Click on for larger image:

Project Info:

Design: Studio pha – Marek Deyl, Jan Šesták
Cooperation: Martin Vybíral
Contractor: Bernt Interiery
Building design: KPS stavby
Photography by Filip Šlapal

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