A floating design for Nexus Center in Cancun, Mexico by sanzpont

floating design

Sanzpont was created a floating design for Nexus Center in Cancun, Mexico

NexusCenter / sanzpont
Nexus Center / sanzpont

Conceptual Design: Functional Pyramid Scheme. The formal idea of the building is based on the functional concept of integration of the levels with a of general direction shape at the middle level between the two. Being north facade, this body management is proposed as glass box. The blind skin facing west and the large overhangs are to prevent direct sunlight inland from the other directions.

NexusCenter / sanzpont
Nexus Center / sanzpont

The Scheme of the company is a “pyramid” with the area of product storage and distribution infrastructure as a base, followed by the management and administration of the company and at the top of the pyramid of the hierarchy of the steering.

NexusCenter / sanzpont
Nexus Center / sanzpont

The Project: Hierarchical space distribution. Corporate building of three companies, “Sunglass Island”, “Watch My Watch” and “Nexus Center”. The surface of 3,976 sqm on 113’375 sqm developed on 3 levels with a hierarchical front apparently floating cube housing management offices. The ground floor is occupied by the storage area of products for 3 companies and has platforms for loading and unloading. The first floor has the company offices and on the second floor are the “Watch My Watch” and “Nexus offices. “The front of the building has a glass volume, “Floating Cube” in the middle level between the first and second floor. The exterior of the building has parking for 190 cars.
The “Floating Cube” is facing north and therefore avoid direct sunlight and only receives incoming diffuse daylight. Large overhangs provide shade to all windows while allowing sunlight into the interior. Artificial light low power LED gives a more dramatic effect at night.

NexusCenter / sanzpont
Nexus Center / sanzpont

Functional analysis according to the organizational chart. TConsidering this analysis, we develop a project in which the function of the building scheme reflect and solve spaces according to the scheme of the business group.
This scheme solves the project in section, leaving storage on the ground floor as a base, the positioning of the two companies in the next two levels and direction of both intermediate level. The management area is located in front of the building as it is the “main face” of the company, in a volume of glass, in response to the hierarchy of the group.

Sustainable Design: Energy Conservation and Resource Utilization. The building is designed and conceived through the weather, meeting the needs of comfort with minimum energy expenditure. This is accomplished through a passive solar design that takes advantage of renewable natural energy to achieve greater comfort with respect for the environment through sustainable design.

Optimal Design: Workspaces and Recreation.
Natural lighting: Windows are designed to capture natural light to provide optimal daytime lighting and electricity costs are reduced.
Sunlighting protection: The sunlight is considered for the design of facades, covering frilly, eaves or window louvers type elements, to avoid heat gain and energy savings in air conditioning.
Directive functionality: The scheme function of this project is based on the policy side is located at an intermediate level between the two companies to better management.
Open spaces: Very large spaces are created in the work areas to have a free organization of spaces and cubicles, thus providing a better workplace.
Warehouses and workshops: The building has a large storage area and workshops located on the ground floor with optimal access and logistics.
Surveillance and Security: The corporate has a restricted access to protect it from the outside, the entrance is guarded 24 hours a day to control entry and exit, also has a closed loop system .
Employees dining: Having a place to eat in peace and rest your food is important, spacious, well lit and with all the necessary services eaters.
Parking: It has a large area around the building with green areas and ample parking inside.

Project info:

Location: Rancho Nazaret, Lote 23, Mza 66
City: Cancun
Country: Mexico
Area: 3,000 m2
Design Date: 2015
Client: Grupo Sunglass Island
Awards: 2da Bienal de Arquitectura Mexicana, Cancun – 1er Lugar Categoría Oficinas
Status: Completado
Project: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Architectural & Design Project: Victor Sanz, Sergio Sanz, Erick Alcalá, Tere García, Tania Cota, Omar Cabrera, Gadiel Ramos, Marco Hernández, Eddie
Construction Team: sanzpont [arquitectura] + ILLCH Disegno + Jacobo Sacal
Photography: Victor Sanz
MEP Engineering: Edificaciones Arbibe