Laufen: A unique Sink design that will upgrade your interior design

Sink design

Kovacs Apor + Hunap Studio from Budapest, Hungary created a bending tube form for Laufen Sink design.

Sink design Laufen 01

This unique Sink design that will upgrade your home interior design.

More from The designers: Alloying this natural process of the water erosion and the shape of the bending tube was the main inspiration in the concept.

Sink design Laufen 02

The basin takes the close feeling to nature is a physical and spiritual refreshment in our homes. The storage is organically connected to the sink, undercover of services provided by the cylindrical geometry, which combines the functionality of a unique design. In this way, the user has a freedom to choose to use the sink alone, or combine it with a storage area.

Sink design Laufen 03

The drain is designed to remain hidden from the user. This solution can easily fit every type of room wall, without calling attention to itself, in this way the user feels like a piece of furniture.

Sink design Laufen 04

The shape of the sink enable to lining up in public bathrooms, creating an unified shape.

Sink design Laufen 05
Sink design Laufen 06
Sink design Laufen 07

Designers: Kovacs Apor and Hunap Studio

Project: Hollow Sink – Laufen