Enoki Project–an Ecocity for Rome by OFL Architecture

Enoki Project is a is a futuristic ideological proposal which investigates the possibilities for future housing. The achievements in material science, energy conservation, aerodynamic and environmental solutions allow designers to experience new housing typologies that can be housed in self sufficient and highly innovative building envelopes.

‘Enoki Project’ by OFL Architecture is installed above Rome, integrating itself with the historical part of the city. It draws its’ lifeblood from parks, green areas and water to push itself upward. They are small self-contained cities with residences, commercial spaces, green areas, spaces for community activities, sport and cultural activities. The outer skin, made with steel diamond-shaped panels, appropriately follows the main cellular structure of ‘Enoki Project’ made from steel and glass, having a molecular shape. A thermoformed glass surface provides a lucid and static resistance with the possibility of infinite curvatures with lower costs.

The project consists of 150 stories. The classic lifts are replaced by flying shuttles that run outside ‘Enoki Project’ bringing inhabitants to and from different levels of the building and the old city. ‘Enoki Project’ can accommodate up to 6,000 residents with an area of 240,000 square meters and 300,000 square meters for recreational activities for the ‘new city’.
Project Credits
plan’s title: ‘Enoki Project’ Rome Ecocity
location: Rome
project design: Francesco Lipari
timing: design 2010