Breathing Skins Technology To Adapt Room Climate

Breathing Skins technology

Breathing Skins Technology – Biomimetic Architecture

Breathing Skins technology is a biomimetic architecture experiment to develop simple technologies to improve our future living environment. Watch this video to learn more about the functionality of the breathing skins facade:

The Breathing Skins Project focuses on responsive facades that allow to gradually adapt room climate and condition to the users’ changing needs.

What does a breathing skins perform?

The Breathing Skins technology is inspired by organic skins that adjust their permeability to control the flow of substances between inside and outside. Pneumatic muscles regulate the amount of incident light, views, and air passing the Breathing Skin.

Breathing Skins Slideshow:


In the Breathing Skins Showroom, the Breathing Skins Technology can be experienced and tested under realistic conditions. On every square meter, 140 pneumatic muscles are controlled without any visible technical installations.

Around 2800 of these are integrated into the facade, amounting a length of over ten meters and an area of 25sqm.

This biomimetic project has won numerous awards with the most recent one being a nomination for a Green Product Award, exhibiting its incredible potential as an option for building projects to come.


German Design Award 2017: Nomination
Green Product Selection 2016: + Nomination for Green Product Award
AIT-Award ‘Best in Interior and Architecture 2016’: Special mention, Category Retail/ Trade fair design
Textile Structures For New Building 2015: 1. Prize, Category Composites And Hybrid Structures, Techtextil Messe Frankfurt
Stuttgarter Leichtbaupreis 2014: Verein zur Förderung des Leichtbaus e.V.
Living In The Future Award 2014: 2. Prize, Verein Gebäudetechnik Südwestfalen e.V.


Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Becker

Inventor Breathing Skins Technology
Project manager, Freelancer based in Berlin

B.A. Simon Huffer

Planer wooden construction of
the Breathing Skins Showroom

More information about Breathing Skins Project Here.

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