Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky


Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky 1

Bathsphere is a bathroom inside a glass sphere designed by Alexander Zhukovsky

Bathsphere is the concept of space in space. After a hard day’s work and the noise of the city, we find ourselves in a little world of Bathsphere. Being inside a glass sphere you can create your own mood. You can simulate rain, change the temperature inside the ball, humidity, light, sounds and even smells. Due to the BATHSPHERE is hanging and consists of glass we can feel a sense of weightlessness.

Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky 2

Along with changes of the concept of living space organization in the modern world is also changing an attitude towards such as most important part of our house as bathroom. Bathroom for us is no longer a place where we can just wash face, brush your teeth or take a shower. Bathroom space should be seen as a place from which to begin every our day, and is the place where every our day is comes to end. This place shapes our mood at the beginning of the day and prepares us to sleep at the end of the day. Bathroom space becomes a kind of membrane between the bustle of the modern world and the calmness of a home.

Design: Alexander Zhukovsky
Visualisation: Maris Breytsis