33-35 Hoxton Square | Zaha Hadid Architects

33-35 Hoxton Square in London / United Kingdom designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

An exciting addition to the Hoxton Square’s eclectic character. Based on the idea of a prism, the design seeks to respond to and manipulate daylight and views. Its form is composed of interwoven planes that respect neighbours’ need for access to natural light, controlling light and views between the interior and exterior.

Project Description:

Our concept replaces two existing buildings with a new 3000m2 structure that will house a two level gallery, commercial offices and eight residential flats on a site located within the South Shoreditch Conservation Area. Its form is composed of interwoven planes that control light and views between the interior and exterior of the building, using sand blasted aluminium and clear glass as the predominant materials.

The building engages the public by creating a relationship between the ground floor gallery unit and Hoxton Square. The frontage carves into the interior of the gallery, spatially connecting the ground floor, basement, lower front and upper front areas. The balustrade around the front area also serves as seating, an element that penetrates into the building itself and an amenity that invites and attracts the public inside.

Project Info:

Location: London, United Kingdom
Type: Cultural – Public
Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Client: ROVE Developments LLP
Timeline: 2006 – TBC
Area: 3000m2