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Honey covered Humans – Blake Little Preservation

Honey covered Humans - Preservation Book by Blake Little Photography. Honey covered Humans - Blake Little’s Preservation series of photographs presented here combine the old and the new in a bold way. His vivid images startle the viewer.…

Booklamps by Michael Bom of Bomdesign

Booklamps is a Sustainable Lamps made of used books by Michael Bom of Bomdesign. Dutch studio Bomdesign led by Michael Bom and Antoinet Deurloo is an experimental design studio focused on making sustainable handmade products and objects…

“WisdomTree” Bookshelf | Jordi Mila

Unexpected bookshelf concept called “WisdomTree” by Spanish designer Jordi Milá Inspired by the unexpected shapes of blooming nature, your personal Wisdom Tree can hold about a hundred books in its branches. It features seven…

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