Project submissions:

Urukia Architecture Magazine welcomes submissions from architects, designers and others who are seeking publishing opportunities for their projects. Our influential global readership of over 100,000 Visitors / month, So Urukia Magazine is a great architecture platform to publish your Concepts and projects.

Student Work submissions:

Also Urukia welcomes submissions (School Projects) from architecture and design students who would like to see their work published.

Acceptable Submissions

At the moment, We accept Only New Innovative Design and Unique Projects which can be published in our sites, such us competitions proposals, unbuiltable projects, Digital architecture / Parametric design, Sustainable Design, Interactive Architecture, and any contemporary architecture projects.

For More Information, Please read the “legal” section at the bottom of this page, before submitting work.

Urukia Submissions Process:

We accept email submissions, please follow instructions below:

  1. Story Title, or Name of Project, Product.
  2. Description of the work, project, event, or competition, It must be at least 300 words.
  3. Image(s), Renders, or a link to download or view the Press Material, We prefer to receive high resolution images if possible, or at least 800 x 600 pixels in .JPG or PNG files. (Please do not send PDFs, or very large files.)
  4. Project Credits (Office name, designer name, link to your website and/or contact information ..etc)
  5. Sent your submissions to:


Only submit content to us if you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in that content. Make sure that you own the copyright in the content as well as any trade marks or design rights, which may be registered or unregistered. Please check you own these rights if you are unsure. In case of a claim that someone else owns all or part of the intellectual property rights in the content, we will investigate the claim and will remove the content from our website if necessary.We may also look to you for compensation.

We are free to publish content that you submit to us in whole or part on this website or any other site in which we have publishing rights. We will not publish any content that might be considered abusive, racist, libellous, defamatory, illegal or factually inaccurate.

Remember you are fully responsible for all content you submit to us and you accept liability for any actions relating to the content. Any comments and reviews posted on this website by you or other users do not necessarily reflect our opinions and we are not responsible or liable for any content submitted by you or anyone else. However if you submit a story and you think comments are unreasonable or upsetting please contact us and we will take action.

By providing submissions to us, you confirm that agree with these terms.

We are waiting for your design story!

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