An award-winning design that tells the revival story of Mesopotamia

How can you condense more than ten thousand years of civilization into a single project that faithfully tells the story of a great nation? The answer is in the winning design of a prestigious architectural competition, to design the new compound for the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers in Baghdad , see images of the revival story of Mesopotamia project:

the revival story of Mesopotamia

Zaha Hadid and more than 30 other international architects participated in this competition, won by the Iraqi Architect Manhal Al Habbobi (Master in Philosophy of Architecture) with his ‘CAP Emirates’ design.

The design concept evolved as a logical and natural outcome of the system approach, concluding that an ‘Infinite Free Iraqi Constitution’ would be the perfect translation for the objectives of the project, as it represents now the virtual ruler that it is to house and maintain.

The four stages of the concept’s evolution covered searching for a design statement that would convey the ‘raison d’être’ for the project; deciding on some characteristics within the statement that could be visually realised; symbolising characteristics in a linear presentation, and finally, symbolising a metamorphosing of form in a way that resembles the biological process by which a living creature physically develops after birth or hatching.

Council of Ministers Iraq Manhal Al Habbobi Revival Story of Mesopotamia Council of Ministers Iraq Manhal Al Habbobi Revival Story of Mesopotamia Council of Ministers Iraq Manhal Al Habbobi Revival Story of Mesopotamia Council of Ministers Iraq Manhal Al Habbobi Revival Story of Mesopotamia

The architect suggests that if you can imagine a gigantic cylindrical seal, which was used in ancient Iraq as an administrative tool, engraved with all the significant features of Iraq’s past, present and future aspirations, that image is the design used to mark the ribbon connecting the land with Tigris River. Carved with the story of Iraq, the landscape of this ribbon evolved, through a process of metamorphosing, into splendid architectural spaces delineated by elegantly defined thresholds.

Manhal Al Habbobi goes on to say that in the future, if you happen to stand in front of a building that speaks to you and tells you that inside are people looking after the Infinite Free Iraqi Constitution, then you’ll know that you are in Baghdad in front of the General Secretariat for Ministers Council. Enjoy your stay!

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  • Kanari Rashid

    It is a great arch.project..I m sp proud that the winner of this competition is an iraqi architect (MANHAL AL HABBOBI) among 30 others..i think he deserves the victory cause the concept was based on an intelligent idea about the infinite free constitutions of iraqi ancient people..symbolising a metamorphising shapes to reflect distinctively his idea..very impressive..