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“MANU Nest” Hanging Chair Design made from Black Volcanic Basalt Fiber

MANU Nest designed By MAFFAM FREEFORM who has transferred basalt fiber to furniture.

MAFFAM FREEFORM used a volcanic material “Basalt Fiber”  to create their MANU Nest hanging Chair furniture collection. basalt has already had an astonishingly long “lifetime”. Initially hot and pulsatile, basalt is located in the Earth’s upper mantle, until it is subdued by volcanic forces and driven to the surface of the Earth.

Made from Volcano!

Even if you’re surrounded by thousands of people talking restlessly and creating chaos, as long as you’re relaxing in the MANU Nest, you will be feeling nothing but harmony, peace, and serenity. You think this is too bold of a statement? Not at all!

This basalt lace seashell is specifically made in a way that makes it perfect for meditation, self-exploration, and energy rejuvenation.

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