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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center | OODA

OODA’s Disaster prevention and Education Center in Istanbul

Portuguese firm OODA designed a proposal for the ‘Istanbul Disaster prevention and Education Center‘ international design competition.

OODA Disaster prevention and Education Center in Istanbul

The aim of this competition was to establish a proposal for a center fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared for a disaster, that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters in general and specifically about earthquakes.

Disaster prevention and Education Center in Istanbul - OODA 02

More Test from OODA: “For this unique equipment, our proposal approach tries to merge the most efficient program articulation with a strong concept which intends to suggest the overall theme integrated with Istanbul’s context.

Disaster prevention and Education Center in Istanbul - OODA 03

On the interior, we created a multi-level space experience having the entire required program connected through a central point that simultaneously receives and guides the public to interact with the building. We also created a progressive cladding concept to the facade that introduces and enhances the Arabic atmosphere while it’s reacting – through density combination and geometrically driven development- to the local environment. check out these renders:

Istanbul Disaster 04Istanbul Disaster 05Istanbul Disaster 06Istanbul Disaster 07Istanbul Disaster 08Istanbul Disaster 09Istanbul Disaster 10

More images of Disaster prevention and Education Center by OODA: Click on image to Enlarge


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